Daphne Wood Funerals
Daphne Wood Funerals 

Funeral planning

Funeral planning is appropriate for those who are fit and healthy and who wish to “get their house in order”.  It can also be very helpful for a terminally ill person and their closest family or friends.


Planning one’s funeral can be an opportunity to consider one’s important relationships, beliefs and values and to outline choices which are consistent with these.


Discussing a funeral prior to needing one is not something everybody wishes to do. But when a person has expressed their wishes, it is often a huge relief to those organising the funeral to know they are doing what their loved one wished.



Once death occurs

Some people may wish to consider not only the funeral itself, but also what will happen once death occurs.


I welcome the opportunity to support people to explore the choices they will have.  Those who have had time to consider these choices are less likely to make decisions without appreciating some of the implications.  For example,  will a particular funeral director welcome visits to the chapel of rest throughout the period leading up to the funeral or will visits be more limited?


When talking to people about funeral choices, I draw not only on my experience as a celebrant, but also on additional training with Greenfuse in “Funeral Arranging and Advising” and “Care and Management of the Body”.