Daphne Wood Funerals
Daphne Wood Funerals 

About me

I live in East London and am available to conduct funerals across London.


My work both as a celebrant and as a funeral adviser and planner, stems from the knowledge that a good funeral can bring comfort whereas a funeral that leaves friends and family with regrets may increase their sense of loss.


I have been a funeral celebrant for ten years since completing my training with Civil Ceremonies in 2010.  I am a registered member of the Institute of Civil Funerals, a regulatory body for the provision, quality and growth of Civil Funerals


In addition to my training as a celebrant,  I have undertaken additional training with Greenfuse in Funeral Arranging and Advising and in Care and Management of the Body. 



What I do

As a funeral celebrant, my role before the ceremony is to support family and friends with planning and shaping the ceremony and deciding how big or small a role they wish to play.

My role on the day of the ceremony can vary from conducting the whole ceremony, to being there to support family and friends to conduct the ceremony themselves.

If I am asked to write and deliver the tribute, the person arranging the funeral is invited to check it before the funeral.


As a funeral adviser and planner, I  work with people who wish to plan a funeral for themselves or for their loved one before death occurs.  This may also involve considering what a "good death" would mean and taking time to exploring some of the decisions they will have to make between death and the funeral.


Getting in touch

I am self-employed and may be contacted directly or by the funeral director. 


I welcome enquiries from people who are looking for the “right” person for their particular situation.