Daphne Wood Funerals
Daphne Wood Funerals 

A good funeral

A good funeral cannot bring the person back, but family and friends often find it helpful if, when they look back on the funeral, they feel it was just right, that is was a fitting tribute. 


After such a ceremony people often say that the person whose funeral it was “would have loved it".


I have found that a good funeral depends more on the thought and memories that go into it than on how much money is spent. 



Family and friends

Whenever possible, I work in close collaboration with the family and friends of the person who has died.  My role is usually to support them to develop a ceremony that reflects the values of the person who has died; acknowledges important relationships and achievements; draws on music and poetry which they liked or which speak to the close friends and family.  The ceremony may have some religious elements like a hymn or prayer or it may be non-religious.

At times, there are deep differences in outlook and beliefs within a family or group of friends.  I aim to work with them to create a ceremony that paints a recognisable picture of the person who has died and does not  leave any key people feeling excluded.